Furniture and Household Items

Mantlepiece Clock
Detail - Mantlepiece clock
Back/Interior of Mantlepiece Clock

Mantelpiece Clock


Donated by Gillian Gourlay, this mantelpiece clock originally belonged to Bishop W Leonard Williams, the eldest son of William Williams. Leonard has inscribed his name inside the clock.  Made by Henry Marc of Paris, a well-known clock maker, it has a wooden case faced with gold, blue and pink cloisonné.   It dates from around mid-19th Century and it possibly may have been a wedding present given its Parisian origins and ornate appearance.  Leonard married Sarah Wanklyn in England in1853 after graduating from Oxford University and his ordination as deacon.

Coalport China


These four pieces of china were part of a Coalport set belonging to Henry and Marianne Williams and passed down through several generations, including Carl Williams, to Tim and Penny Bunny who donated them. During the Victorian era the Coalport factory was known for elaborate Sèvres-inspired porcelains and beautifully hand-painted tableware, heavily decorated with deep cobalt blue and gold ornamentation. The four china plates are painted with botanical specimens and may have been part of a dessert set. Although Marianne was a pioneer, she clearly also enjoyed a well-set dinner table.


Book Table


A small hexagonal book-table with three shelves on the second tier for books.  Donated by Peggie Bannister and Margot Goodin, it is believed to have belonged to Henry Williams.







Kauri Cabinets

Two kauri cabinets of the same period as the Retreat and believed to have once been in the house. These cabinets, purchased by the Trust, needed some restoration.  The first of the cabinets has now been restored and returned to the Retreat.

Taller cabinet restored
Inside restored tall cabinet
Tall Kauri Cabinet
Shorter Kauri Cabinet
First Aid

First Aid



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coming soon.

First Aid

First Aid

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