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Personal contacts with family members have produced over the past decade a fascinating and eclectic mix of items.  Photographs, descriptions and names of donors are shown in this section of the website.  We hope this section will provide greater insights into the personal lives of the early Williams family and also inspire more family members to entrust their historic items to the Museum Trust.


Given the Trust’s limited resources and problems in holding and displaying items, the trustees have set an acquisitions policy of confined scope, namely:


  • to acquire items relating directly to Henry and William Williams and their wives, Marianne and Jane, such as objects which used to belong to or were used by them.

  • to consider also items that fall outside the above criteria but have a close relationship with them or are important in telling the story of their lives.


We are aware that there are some items which would fall under the terms of our acquisition policy but the owners are reluctant to part with them.  This is fully understood, and we are developing a pictorial section covering relevant items still held by family members.  So please send us your photos. This section will include in due course some interesting Williams items that have been gifted to New Zealand museums, especially in Auckland, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.  We are unable to accept items on loan.



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